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Extended reality (xR) blends virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) together to create an immersive environment.

In our xR Studio the physical and the digital world fuse together to bring your stories to life. Real-time rendering and active live camera view create a sense of limitless, make-believe scenery for the audience and a dynamic live set for the presenters and performers. All amenities, such as a VIP area, dressing rooms, make-up rooms, restrooms and catering are available upon request.

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  • LED wall and LED floor
  • Disguise VX4 media server
  • Disguise RX render engine
  • Stype Red Spy camera tracker
  • Cameras and camera moving systems
  • Studio lighting

The XR studio is for:

  • Live-streamed events
  • Broadcasts
  • Hybrid or virtual events
  • Commercial shooting
  • Music video shooting
  • Movie shooting
  • TV programs and shows

Advantages of using xR technology:

  • Save on travel costs by creating any location on the screen
  • Save on set building and on-site shooting costs
  • Limit or skip post-production work
  • Create content without boundaries
  • Fully interactive set
  • Immersive stage set-up
  • Use the set as an infinite canvas with the help of extended reality
  • What you see is what you get: watch the finished production in real-time

To sum it all up, with the use of the xR studio we can pre-record or live stream your virtual content. Using different camera angles, creating custom sets and creating dynamic presentations are really a true advantage of the studio. We can let presenters interact with their presentations while we can keep the audience engaged. Furthermore, we can create a 3D environment, using Disguise server and xR hardware to take your virtual event to the next level.

Green screen solution

Green screen is a visual effects (VFX) technique that uses layers of images. The term ‘green screen’ refers to the colored background that is made transparent and removed from the shot later.

The pure, uniform green was chosen as one of the least colors worn by people or images used for display. It is mostly used by movie, weather and news production crews, but it’s also common in virtual studios for streaming to add backgrounds, characters or images. Green screen technology can provide a completely immersive experience. Our creative and technical team uses the latest technology to make sure that you will get a glossy end-product that grabs your audience’s attention. Consider it for product launches, presentations, online conferences, pre-recorded or live-streamed broadcasts.

Our fixed-location package includes:

  • Green screen hard-set and (optional) floor
  • Video equipment
  • Audio equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Professional broadcast camera
  • Streaming equipment
  • Graphic design
  • On-site crew

Home Presenter Kit

The portable screen is a great alternative to the studio backdrop. If you want to have a professional kit with a pop-up green screen, lighting, video and audio tools, put our home presenter kit to work that can be set up with technical support or contactless at your home or office.

The home presenter kit includes:

  • An easy-to-assemble pop-up green screen
  • ETC Source Four Mini LED lights on stand or table mount
  • HD webcam
  • Sound card and microphone

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