Step into the shoes of a Project Manager tasked with creating the most spectacular event before your competitors.

Navigate the highs and lows of event planning, juggle resources, manage timelines and overcome unexpected challenges to emerge as the ultimate Event Master!

Players take on the role of Project Managers who try to plan and execute an event before their opponents succeed. The goal is to strategically gather the necessary resources, overcome obstacles and fulfil the requirements of the event to claim victory.


2-4 persons


8-88 years


20-30 minutes


88 cards

1. Planning phase

Each player receives one „A PM’s turn” GUIDANCE CARD (golden and blue back) and puts the rest back into the container.

The player who last participated in a project serviced by Special Effects becomes the dealer. If neither player has taken part in a project, the oldest player takes on the role of dealer.

The dealer separates the OBJECTIVE CARDS (golden back) from the DRAW PILE (blue back) and shuffles these two decks.

The dealer lays out the OBJECTIVE CARDS with their golden back visible and the content side hidden, so that each player can blindly select a card. Each OBJECTIVE CARD represents a past Special Effects EVENT and lists the equipment required to execute it. The dealer puts the remaining cards back into the container.

The WAREHOUSE contains 3 face-up cards that act as a common hand. The dealer draws the top 3 cards form the DRAW PILE to set up the WAREHOUSE.

The DRAW PILE serves as a restock for the WAREHOUSE and as a replenishment to the Project Managers’ (PM) hands.

The dealer distributes 4 cards to each Project Manager (PM) and then the Building Phase begins.

2. Building Phase („A PM’s turn”)

Project Managers (PM) take turns clockwise playing EQUIPMENT and ACTION CARDS from their hand onto the table to build their EVENT. They must manage resources efficiently and strategize to tackle challenges that arise. They can build or remove 1 EQUIPMENT for their own event and play as many ACTION and EMPLOYEES cards as they like.

A Project Manager (PM) can work with 3 active EMPLOYEES at the same time.

Only 1 EMPLOYEE can work on the same EQUIPMENT. When any EQUIPMENT is removed, the EMPLOYEE cards attached to the EQUIPMENT card shall also be removed. EMPLOYEE cards can be exchanged at will during the game, but replaced cards shall be discarded to the DISCARD pile.

After their turn, Project Managers replenish their hand to have a total of 4 cards. Each Project Manager (PM) has the option to replenish their hand by selecting cards from the common pool of the WAREHOUSE or to draw cards blindly from the deck.

Restock the missing WAREHOUSE inventory from the DRAW PILE.

When the DRAW PILE becomes depleted, Project Managers (PM) reshuffle the DISPOSAL PILE to form a new DRAW PILE.

If Project Managers (PM) cannot perform any actions during their turn, they have the option to discard their cards to the DISPOSAL PILE and draw 4 new cards from the DRAW PILE which ends their turn.

3. Completion

The Project Manager (PM) who first fulfils the exact requirements for their EVENT becomes the Event Master and wins the game.

1. Warehouse

At the end of your turn, you can choose to draw from here. At the end of each round, the warehouse must be replenished to 3 cards.

2. Employees

Employees help you during the game. You can have a total of 3 employees but only one can work with the same equipment.

3. Player’s cards

At the end of their turn, the players replenish their cards from the draw pile until they have 4 cards in their hand.

4. Event

Players place the elements of the event they are building clearly visible in front of them.

5. Objective card

Keep it a secret! You can check here which event you need to build, depending on the total number of players.

6. Guidance Card

Look here if you are stuck! You can see the progress of your round and the icon descriptions here.

7. Disposal pile

Place the discarded cards here.

8. Draw pile

Draw from here at the end of your turn. If the draw pile is depleted, shuffle the discard pile and create a new draw pile.


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