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In the golden age of technology, smart homes are no longer a luxury, but part of our everyday comfort and security.

With many years of experience, we help our clients plan and implement livable, reliable, complex systems, whether it be an apartment, a family house or a condominium with hundreds of apartments.

International connections

Being a member of two prestigious international networks of audiovisual and event service companies (AV Alliance and Congress Rental Network), we have extensive global connections and references in 50 countries on 5 continents.

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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Based on your habits and heating curves, the temperature will always be just perfect in your home.


Darken and protect your windows with smart shutters and automated blinds, even without the push of a button.


Imagine coming home every day to a pleasantly illuminated house or apartment. All these without a bunch of remotes or switches.


Lost or forgotten keys are stories of the past with face recognition intercom, fingerprint reader, NFC and bluetooth technologies.


In case of an unforeseen event (water flow, burglary, fire, extreme weather), a well-thought-out system not only sends an alert, but can also offer a solution to an emergency.

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