Meet Safe

The concept brings inventive, regionally independent solutions to the field of event organization that help live events to return, while minimizing health risks.

The Meet Safe Idea Book provides innovative guidance in making reasonable and safety-conscious decisions about events.

By further developing the idea book, we constantly expand our service portfolio to always deliver innovative, creative and sustainable event solutions to our clients and partners in the future, too.

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Live events

We have rediscovered:

  • well-known venues with untapped potentials,
  • success elements of quality events, and
  • created forward-looking solutions for exhibitions of the 21st century.

Virtual and hybrid events

Online and hybrid events will stay with us in the long run. We strive to create experiences similar to live events in the online space, too, with the help of:

  • the active involvement of the audience
  • engaging contents
  • eye-catching visual scenes.

Guest experience

Beside the importance of the professional content and the memorable guest experience, adding extra value to the events is also a top priority; this collection presents practical, easy-to-apply solutions also in this field.

Health & Safety

Again with the guest experience in mind, our carefully crafted protective health & safety solutions serve the aim to regain attendees’ confidence in live events.

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