Interactive Solutions

Interactive elements are effective, yet stunning ways of brand promotion and information share.

Our experiential solutions create a more colorful environment for conferences, exhibitions, museums and public spaces, either for marketing, entertainment or educational purposes. With the active involvement of the participants, we focus on gaining experience, during which we combine technical achievements with impulses acting on the senses.

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Interactive story wall

The Story Walls help visualize information with various trigger solutions, diverse surfaces, built-in physical components and exciting design. With the help of guest-activated multi-sensor elements the content comes to life as a personalized, projected animation.

Immersive / 270-degree room

Each wall of the room is built of a digital display. Guests can interactively control the content projected on the LED walls, where the changing imagery, enhanced by sound effects, helps visualize special scenes.

Sliding screen

This spectacular display tool, enhanced by sound effects, allows guests to discover the company’s history, products and services. The digital installation consists of a horizontal or vertical screen (hand-steered or motor-driven via a touch surface) and a custom-made back wall.

Interactive book

A stunning interactive storytelling installation that offers viewers a novel experience. Its spectacular digital solutions playfully bring any content to life with the help of colourful images and stories.

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