Fixed Installation, AV Integration

With 25 years of experience and hundreds of successfully completed projects, our company is available to clients in the field of architecture-related special technologies worldwide.

We provide the design and construction of low-current networks, audiovisual and stage systems, as well as smart homes, buildings, offices and other facilities.

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Our solutions:

  • Audiovisual systems, digital displays, LED walls
  • CCTV, security and access control systems
  • Decorative facade lighting, public and special lighting, lighting control
  • Design and implementation of building intelligent systems: security technology, water intrusion detection, fire protection, lighting, cooling, heating, smart-lock, shading control
  • Concert, entertainment and portable sound system
  • Conference, presentation and sports technology
  • Development of supporting IT systems
  • Studio technology, acoustics
  • Outdoor stages, stage roofs, electric supply systems, accessories
  • Theatre and stage technology, lighting, sound system, stage mechanics
  • Emergency, information and public address systems, intercom networks

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