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Engage your audience with innovative exhibition stands that showcase 21st-century technology.

With a team of creative experts and personalized project management, we provide a one-stop-shop solution from artwork to implementation. We know the most popular expo centers and we keep up with the latest industry trends. Knowing that clients will seek alternative, comfortable and safer event solutions in the future, we respond to these altering demands by creating new exhibition ideas.

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Experience center

Unique, cost-effective, focused display area, that can be an appealing element or substitution of the regular exhibition space and part of the company’s establishment. Such an experience center is an excellent way to showcase the services and products of a business in a safe environment.

Boutique showroom

A modular and compact lounge with elements that can be combined and extended easily. It can be set up in any public space. With such compelling showrooms, both the sales and marketing activities of the company can be achieved in an exclusive environment.

Mobil showroom

An easy to transform, modular container or glass type of visitor area that works well in- and outdoors. Mobile, easy to install, yet a unique, neat and functional space, where customers can directly get acquainted with the product(s).

Virtual stand

Virtual spaces and display areas offer new and creative experiences besides the regular exhibition stands. Thanks to their interactive information system, a lot of extra functions can be added apart from the appearance of the stand. Contactless, innovative, engaging and high-tech solution that does not have any boundaries.

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